Introduction to the Hull and District Cerebral Palsy Society

By the Chair- Tracy

We are currently holding several projects to fundraise for the Hull and District Cerebral Palsy Society.

Our ultimate goal is to raise a sufficient amount of money to build a sensory garden in their fully accessible holiday house near Bridlington beach. The Society hires out so that those with Cerebral Palsy and their families can enjoy a seaside holiday in accommodation that is wheelchair-friendly. 

Feb 2021- Pancake Competition 

Mar 2021- Riddle Competition


Please consider donating to help us buying the adaptable sandpit.

Riddle Competition

We have some amazing members from the Hull and District Cerebral Palsy to introduce themselves and read the riddle lines for us.

Prize: Luxury Easter egg

Pancake Competition

Do you know when's Pancake Day? 

It's the 16 February for this year, and we chose to celebrate it by holding a pancake competition where people can show their photo or video of their pancakes!

They can be the biggest stack, ones with the best toppings, video of them flipping...Basically, anything that is pancake-related!

We got some really amazing entries, click on this #pancakescp to see some of our entries.